Revenue From Redundant Property


How it Works

Our self storage facilities are created in redundant space found in existing buildings. Examples include car parks, shopping centres any other redundant space that does not have an obvious economic use.

The stores offer a range of  storage rooms from 15 sq. ft to 150 sq. ft.  The storage units are protected by intruder alarm, CCTV and gate access control. All monitoring and security is controlled from a central location via broadband connections.

The Operation

Much of the operation is managed online backed up by a central sales and marketing.  Stop & Store customers find the business through local websites using the industry’s best search engine techniques and targeted social media.

Customers rent a room for as little as a month or as long as they like. All accounts are managed centrally and online. All payments are taken by recurring credit or debit card.

Our stores are branded Stop & Store. All stores are  managed with robust processes and systems in place, to enable transparent reporting to both customers and stakeholders.  This is achieved through real time data to manage and improve the performance of a store.

Harrington Wyles offer property owners, this comprehensive branded package to create income from otherwise redundant space. This could be a building or an open site.  If you have a potential property that may be able to take advantage our unique self storage system, then call today for an initial discussion.

Location and Site Criteria

The minimum size of a facility will be approximately 5000 sq. ft. of rentable space. However, this is subject to the sq. ft. rate that can be achieved in a specific location. The only requirements are mains power supply and broadband access.

The Store

The store comprises low cost simple construction. The fit out for a standard site would incorporate:

  • Either Storage lockers and rooms constructed from light weight steel partitioning, or our unique flat packed storage container system.
  • Main access door. (Electric roller or hinged, operated by an integrated door access control system remotely).
  • CCTV
  • Intruder alarm.
  • Lighting

The key benefits include:

  • Each store has low set up costs.
  • Simple construction process.
  • The storage rooms enable flexibility with configuration thereby utilising all available space.
  • The storage rooms come in a range of sizes enabling various customer storage requirements to be met.
  • The business has low direct operational costs.

Business Operation

The distinctive feature of Stop and Store is the design of the operational process, by centralising operations using newer technologies. This is the opposite of designing a storage business from the perspective of a standalone operation.

Using a centralized operational system significantly reduces direct costs and creates key benefits, specifically:

  • Stop and Store can take advantage of both inexpensive an otherwise redundant sites.
  • The system enables rapid scalability, where additional units can be bolted on to the central operating system.
  • Stop and Store takes advantage of the principle decision making criteria for customers, that of convenience.

Central systems will include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales and Reservations
  • Booking in
  • Notice to vacate
  • Booking out
  • Payment online
  • Security monitoring Financial reporting
  • Operational Support
  • Development

Customer Service

Stop and Store’s central call centre manages all enquiries and existing customer management.

Local Site Operations

Onsite assistance is managed by part time staff and local outsourced key holding services.  The part time staff member will:

  • Clean and prepare vacant units
  • Undertake lock and security checks
  • Assist with onsite monthly audits
  • Refuse collection
  • Light maintenance duties

Each site is staffed with a part-time employee working up to 8 hours per week.

Central Operations

Most of the day to day operation is managed from a central location.

  • Sales & Marketing
    •  All managed centrally via the internet and social media.
    • Inbound and outbound call centre. The interaction with customers is by telephone and online.
  • Administration
    • Payments are collected automatically from credit and debit cards. No other method of payment is accepted.
  • The renter is moved in over the internet and provided with key code access.
  • Customers that pay late are automatically denied access until their account is settled.

Harrington Wyles offer property owners, this comprehensive package to create income from otherwise redundant space. This could be a building or an open site. If you have a potential property or site that may be able to take advantage our unique self storage system, then contact us today for an initial no obligation discussion.