Make a Plan and Write it Down

In the first instance this maybe just information dumping. There are numerous tools and apps to assist with this, but a pen and a notebook I think are probably the most useful. Just somewhere to make notes and lists.

I also use mind maps. These are great. There are plenty of apps out there that you can get for your phone or tablet. Examples include Simple Minds and some are free.

Just get it down in any form to start with. Then you can start to get it in some semblance of order. There will be numerous areas to consider, such as financial forecasts and marketing etc. But in the first instance get your plan written down and then you can start to add and amend it and give it structure. This will then enable you to start to understand deliver-ability of your plan and whether the idea is feasible and worthwhile.

So my top tip today is get a note book and write it down, Maybe use a simple piece of software to help you initially plan and structure your idea, maybe use mind maps. Possibly use Microsoft One Note. Where you start and where you finish, will be completely different, but by writing it down, you can start to build a platform to structure and appraise your business.

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