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With over 15 years’ experience in the self storage industry we help new and existing owners, investors and operators to add value to their businesses. The Key areas where we provide advice include


HW has formulated a marketing strategy combining both traditional and digital marketing methods to create a cohesive and robust marketing mix for self storage.


Harrington Wyles has over 15 years of experience managing successful self storage facilities in the UK, Canada and the USA.


we can advise on a full range of issues that will need to be considered when developing a self storage facility.

Site Finding and Acquisition

Harrington Wyles provide a self storage site finding service for both new and existing self storage operators.


Whether you are looking to enter the industry with your first purchase, develop a site from scratch of add to your portfolio, HW can help.

Feasibility Studies

Self storage is an embryonic industry in many countries and well established in others. There are over 50,000 facilities in the USA, Canada, Australia and UK. With new homes getting smaller and people acquiring more possessions the demand for storage is increasing.

Our website Harrington Wyles provides detailed information on the help we provide as well as articles and information on a number of aspects of the industry. For more information on how we ca help you click here to contact us.

Helping Investors, Owners and Operators add value
to their self storage businesses

Harrington Wyles Ltd provides expert advice on all aspects of the self storage industry. This is a fast-growing recurring income business. Originally started in Texas, USA and it has swept across America, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe.

As with any industry there are potential risks and rewards. Harrington Wyles provide expert advice on all areas of the storage industry to investors, existing operators and new entrants to the market across the globe. Contact Us today for to see how we can help you

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Track Record

25 years commercial property expertise
15 years self storage experience

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Created and developed multi site self storage business in three countries

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Adding Value

Designing every element efficient through systems and process

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